Saturday, June 14, 2008

Help our Parks!

In 2000 Seattlites agreed to spend $198.2 million on green space in the form of the Pro-Parks Levy. Actually, the name is a bit misleading. Certainly the levy helped to acquire and renovate parks (Fremont Peak and MLK Memorial Improvements). But, oh, it did so much more! This Levy facilitated in environmental rehabilitation (Ravenna Creek Daylighting), community building (International District Community Center), walking/biking connections (Burke-Gilman Extension) and even historic preservation (Belltown Cottages). In total the park helped fund over 150 projects all throughout the city: North (Bitter Lake Open Space), South (Kubota Garden), East (Seward Park Audobon Center) and West (Me-Kwa-Mooks Natural Area).

Unfortunatley the Levy expires at the end of the year and, in spite of all its accomplishments, Mayor Nickels has decided it is not worth renewing. This relatively inexpensive Levy helped bring dozens of neighborhoods and communities together to make our city a better place. Not only should this Levy be renewed, it should be a permanent fund for social and environmental improvements.

Luckily, you can help! Attend the upcoming citizens' meeting and voice your opinions on why we need a Parks Levy and what it should be used for.

2008 Parks Levy Meeting
Tuesday, June 17th 5:30PM
Lopez Room, Seattle Center

For all the Pro-Parks projects check out the map.

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