Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cascadian Quality of Life

Mercer Human Resources Consulting, an international advisory firm, has concocted a global ranking of the most livable cities. The results are based on 39 comparable "quality of life" issues that range from political stability to school quality and media outlets. Gathering data from 215 different cities, New York City was given an index rating of 100.0 and each city was given a score in relation to this.

All of the ranked cities in Cascadia managed to make the top 50. The highest rated Cascadian city was Vancouver, BC (pictured), tying for 3rd with Vienna and behind (1) Zurich and (2) Geneva. The other Cascadian rankings were as follows:

San Francisco
Rank: 29
Score: 103.2

Rank: 46
Score: 100.3

Rank: 49 (tied with Milan, Italy)
Score: 99.9

To see the full report, click here

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