Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sasquatch Militia

This little tid-bit is from the same early Cascadian era as The Tree Octopus, back when Cascadia was a fun fabrication (and part of numerous internet spoofs by Lyle Zapato). As I don't have time for a real post enjoy this little bit of classic history.

"Join the Sasquatch Milita...
Are you an able-bodied Sasquatch aged 10 to 150 who loves his or her country? If so, The Republic of Cascadia needs YOU to enlist in the Sasquatch Militia and defend our homeland against our many enemies, including such nefarious evildoers as:
  • Canadians
  • Southern Californians
  • Geoduck and Tree Octopus Poachers
  • Paraterrestrials
  • Americans
  • International Organized Crime Syndicates
  • Nosey Cryptozoologists
Besides serving your country, you will also be improving yourself. Sasquatch Militia will teach you many valuable skills that today's employers are looking for in Sasquatch. You will gain a sense of determination and confidence that will help you succeed. And you will also experience compatriotship with your fellow Sasquatch as you work together to secure the freedom of the Republic of Cascadia.

The Republic of Cascadia needs you now, more than ever, in these trying times. Do your part for your nation and don't let another Sasquatch take your place in the ranks of the Sasquatch Militia. Enlistment stations can be found throughout Cascadia's forests, just look for the poster of Uncle Sas."
Full info here.

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