Saturday, December 8, 2007

Did You Know...

...the Port of Vancouver is the #1 exporter of foreign goods in North America.

...Over 750,000 cups of tea are served annually at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC.

...Tacoma was rated the Most Stressful City in America.

...Point Roberts, Washington is a United States exclave; it can only be reached by land through Canada.

..."Old Man of the Lake" is a large piece of driftwood that has been bobbing upright in Crater Lake for more than a century.

...Portland's Forest Park is the largest urban forest in the United States.

...The world's tallest tree is The Mendocino Tree near Ukiah, CA standing at 367.5 ft tall.

...Oregon City, OR is the oldest incorporated city west of the Rockies.

...Over 25% of Bainbridge Island, WA residents take a ferry boat to work, the highest percent in the US.

...Fan Tan Alley in Victoria, BC's Chinatown is the narrowest street in North America.

... Mt. Baker in Washington holds the seasonal snowfall world record at 1,140 inches.

...The totem pole standing in Seattle's Pioneer Square was stolen from a Tlingit Village in Southeast Alaska in 1899.

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